Yet Another New Look!

FEBRUARY 13, 2023
Yet Another New Look!

Now that it’s 2023, I’m happy to announce that I’ve got some new updates for my website. Those who visited this website might recognize some layout changes before this announcement, but here are some new things to anticipate for those who didn’t.

New Home Page Look and Menu Uplift

Looking at the cover image for this article and you will see the brand-new home page. Those who visit using a PC will see the vibrant image of Matsushima while those accessing it from a smartphone will see a cool building from Sendai.

Also, the menu bar has evolved to something better! Hopefully, it’s even easier to use this time.

The Dark Mode

Yep, recently almost all websites have their own dark mode to aid with visibility at night, so I figured out my website needs one as well. So if you set up your browser with a dark theme, automatically you will see the below layout. Pretty neat huh!

What’s the plan next?

To be honest, I’m still not sure. This would be the third iteration of the website layout change since the launch and the second version back in 2020. Going forward, I already have some ideas, but only time will tell if I could execute them. Nevertheless, my website will continue to evolve so stay tuned!

Let me know what you think


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