Website New Look, New Experience

December 27, 2020

Website New Look, New Experience

It’s been one year plus since I first launched this website in 2019. A lot has happened since then, including the unprecedented event that changed the world forever. But I’m happy to say that launching this website is one of the best decisions I made so far. Designing, coding, and writing content for my own site has been a challenging yet rewarding task. And now it’s time to announce some new stuffs that I’ve been working on below…

Fresh Look and Smoother Experience

New look on mobile.

When I launched the site for the first time, it’s safe to admit that I found the initial layout to be… a little lacking. After all, I’m by no means a web designer! But I always want to deliver the best so I ‘revamped’ the layout a bit, and this time I’m confident with the result. Also, I tweaked the code and optimizing the site performance for a (hopefully) smoother user experience. This will be an ongoing effort, that’s for sure, so let me know if you discovering some bugs or problems that I did not notice.

Wow a ‘Like’ Button…

Perhaps not many known about this since I have never explicitly mentioned it anywhere, but I added the ‘like button’ functionality on home page and blog posts sometime in spring this year. Originally I just want to implement a simple like button just like Instagram. It was quite fun playing with animation for this update. So yes, if you do see the photos on home page or read my blog post, do try the ‘like button’!

Sendai Quizzes

The quiz looks like this…

This might be another new feature that I added in the summer. Since I live in Sendai, Japan, at the moment, I thought to create some interactive ‘quizzes’ so that everyone could learn a thing or two about Sendai. A good friend of mine Justin has been helping me with super interesting questions and so I have released 8 quizzes out of the planned 10 (at the time of this writing). Go on and check them out if you’re feeling curious!

Well yes, you’ll find this place in the quiz.

What’s the plan for 2021?

Alright, I still have new stuffs planned for 2021. I want to write more in-depth photography subjects if my schedule is willing.

But beyond that, I plan to open an online print page where you can buy my photos. I’m still working on this one currently, but I hope to finish it soon in early 2021.

Stay tuned and until next time!

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