The Grand Launch



The Grand Launch

Hey folks, first I would like to thank you for reading. This first post meant to be a congratulatory one. With this, my portfolio is officially launched!

As some of you might have known, in the past I used to have a website in blog style to illustrate some of my travels in Japan. Alas, as time went by I was losing motivation to write, though fortunately, the urge to take photos did not stop altogether. The site was neglected and I lost access, something I feel I should have taken action on because right now the website still shows in Google index.

Anyway, a couple of months ago I decided I should make another website, this time as a portfolio and blogging in tandem. The old website looked just like a normal blog, it’s not very intuitive and evidently not stylish enough so I brainstormed a new approach. I wanted to give the smoothest user experience possible — this website would be an extension of myself, a canvass to express my thoughts. Through some setbacks and a handful of glitches here and there, I managed to finish what I envisioned just in time. Words could not express how happy I am to see the fruits of my labor.

Special thanks to my friends and families as first-hand reviewers, especially to Stacy Liu, who gave me several (early) helpful feedback.

So enjoy, and I shall update more.

Jerfareza Daviano

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Jerfareza Daviano | Photographer in Sendai, Japan
Jerfareza Daviano

Jerfareza is a freelance photographer from Indonesia currently based in Sendai, Japan, offering wide range of photography service especially profile portraits, couple or family photos, and wedding photography. Should you wish to hire him you can check here for more details.

Visit his website for articles about travel in Japan especially Tohoku area and interesting bits about photography.


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