About Me

Jerfareza Daviano | Photographer in Sendai, Japan

I am an Indonesian-born freelance photographer specializing in street and landscape, although I also dabble in various fields of photography out of curiosity or due to work demands. I spent most of my adult years away from my homeland and currently residing in Japan, a country that I consider to be very beautiful with its unparalleled mix of nature and culture.

Aside from photography, I am also a software developer with years of experience in both backend and frontend development.

If you are reading this page, I would like to thank you for having the curiosity to check out who I am. Should you have more questions about me or my photography, feel free to contact me via the button below.

What is photography to me?

I was first attracted to seeing the world from behind the lens when I often walked around the city of Kuala Lumpur, where I used to live for years prior to coming to Japan. There I obtained my first DSLR and used it to shoot random objects. Nevertheless, my love for photography did not grow exponentially until I moved into the land of the rising sun, traveled to a lot of places, and met many amazing people who inspired and encouraged me to pursue photography.

I love to tell stories in my photos as I consider the narrative behind each image as an art of its own, a platform to express what I see in digital images or prints. Nothing makes me happier than having people telling me they enjoy looking at my photos and being able to make stories out of them.