Sendai in Black and White I

September 6, 2019

Note: this article was re-posted from my old website, originally published in July 2016.

You can find part 2 here: Sendai in Black and White II.

Sometimes things could look different if we view them in monochrome. If we strip all the colors out of our everyday surroundings, how would they look like? How would you perceive objects devoid of hues as opposed to seeing them vibrant through your eyes?

This post is dedicated to Sendai that I have come to fall in love with, presented only in black and white. I will make another post for part II soon.

An interesting book shop and cafe ‘Garden of Mars’.
Close-up of a statue and the water droplets in Miyagino Street.
A church near Nishikicho Park.
Taken at Jogi Nyorai, a famous temple complex in the outskirts of Sendai.
View of Westin Hotel, the tallest building in the city, from around Kawauchi.
A rather gloomy entrance of an unknown shrine near Hirose River.

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