Sendai in Black and White II

JANUARY 21, 2020


Sendai in Black and White II

You can find part 1 here: Sendai in Black and White I.

Sometimes things could look different if we view them in monochrome. If we strip all the colors out of our everyday surroundings, how would they look like?

The quote above was taken from part 1 of ‘Sendai in Black and White’. And true to the quote, after several years in Sendai, I’ve become fond of the hidden patterns lurking in the city. They are usually invisible, but they are there behind the colors, waiting to be seen. This time, I tried to go bolder with urban lines and patterns. And for fun, I experimented not only with DSLRs but also with a film camera.

I plan to make part 3 some time in the future, but in the meantime, please enjoy part 2!

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Jerfareza Daviano | Photographer in Sendai, Japan
Jerfareza Daviano

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