Centered and Symmetrical

MAY 13, 2020


Centered and Symmetrical

If you Google the rules of photography, chances are one of the first things you see in the search result is the rule of thirds. In short, it means the rule of putting the main focus of your photo in one of the 1/3rd parts to make a well-balanced composition. That being said, I often violate this rule not because rules are meant to be broken, but because I have a mild obsession with centered framing and in extension, symmetry.

In filmography, some of the well-known film directors tend to have this obsession as well. Take a look at the works of Wes Anderson, perhaps one of the most iconic film directors of recent times with symmetry obsession. Of course the legend Stanley Kubrick also falls into this category.

You may have seen my photo works either on the home page of this website or even on Instagram. And you will probably notice that some of the photos are centered and symmetrical. That is because long before I started to get serious in photography, I already had the tendency to frame things in the center. Someone once asked me why would I always take pictures with her, the model, smack dab in the middle.

But beyond my own preferences, people do have the incline towards things that are even and uniform. If we take it to the extreme, the photos will have no dynamic and you would even be surmised to have one of the types of OCD. Luckily I am not that far yet, so here are some photos that would aptly describe my fascination. Hopefully, you will start feeling the same and see the beauty in symmetry.

PS: I would like to add more short articles on photography like this one. If you think this is interesting, let me know what to write next in the comment section, via the contact page, or message me on Instagram. As always, thanks for reading!

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