The Cat Book

NOVEMBER 1, 2019
The Cat Book

Some time ago I had the most pleasant opportunity to work with Manami Okazaki, an author and journalist with a dozen super interesting books published under her belt. She was writing a book about cats at that time and commissioned me to do several photoshoots for the book, including a trip to Tashirojima and folk artisans.

And in 2019, that book is finally finished!

Aptly titled ‘Land of the Rising Cat’, the book richly illustrates the fascination the Japanese have with cats in the past, present and in the future as well. It tells the deep connection between people in Japan with their feline friends, from religion to pop culture — all bases covered. If you are curious about the book, please contact the author and buy it from her. She also maintains an Instagram handle devoted to Japanese folk cultures @japan.mingei.

This project marked the first time I ever had my works published in the form of a book, and I am overjoyed with emotions when I see my own photos printed, among other stunning images from other contributors.

Since the book is successfully out of its cocoon now, I want to share some of the personal favorites that did not make the edit. And I will probably post more to my Instagram page @jerfareza!

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