How Well Do You Know Sendai? Part 1

Get to know some trivia and facts about Sendai.

How Well Do You Know Sendai? Part 1

With a population of over 1 million, Sendai is without doubt the biggest city in the northeastern Tohoku region. Although Sendai often serves as the perfect hub for travelers wanting to visit Tohoku, Sendai itself has plenty of charming points and thus deserves a dedicated visit. Also check these articles out if you want to find out more.

In this Sendai quiz series, I teamed up with the amazing Justin Velgus, the resident Sendai expert who provided most of the questions and answers. All photos, except when mentioned, are taken by me (Jerfareza Daviano).

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About the Author

Jerfareza Daviano

Jerfareza is a weekend freelance photographer based in Sendai, Japan. He's specializing in portrait photography, family & couple photography, and street & travel photography. Should you wish to hire him you can do so by visiting his website.

He won grand prize in architecture category of Sendai Starlight Festival 2018 Photo Contest.

Visit his photo portfolio for articles about travel in Japan especially Tohoku area and photography related stuffs.


Justin Velgus

Justin is very much at home in Tohoku. Originally from San Francisco, he has studied in Akita, taught English in Miyagi, and worked for the government in Fukushima.

Justin currently lives in Tohoku’s largest city, Sendai, where he works as a section manager for the Sendai Experience Program.

His hobbies include learning about local history and sipping regional sake.