PREVIEW: A Photo Essay on Shapes and Patterns

October 16, 2021

PREVIEW: A Photo Essay on Shapes and Patterns

As visual-based creatures, we have always been attracted to aesthetics in shapes and patterns. A shape refers to the configuration of surfaces and edges of a two- or three-dimensional object. A pattern, on the other hand, refers to the visual arrangement of elements in some kind of sequence or repetition.

These two components are essential in my current photography journey. As the pandemic changed the way we travel, I found myself unable to take photos like I used to. So I shifted my attention instead to closer, everyday-object photos as opposed to picturesque travel sceneries.

And I find the journey quite exciting so far.

Many people will tell that if we strip down photography to its most basic, it’s all about manipulating light and shadow. That’s not the only ingredient though, as the addition of people, colors, emotions will strengthen the image.

However, more importantly for me recently, is the focus of shapes and patterns in my photos.

The most apparent example of shapes and patterns can be found in a lot of buildings since architecture itself is an application of art.

Yet even in street amenities or signage, we find beauty here and there. We create things not just for function but also for their aesthetic form.

Due to the lack of travel, I was constrained to look for interesting objects to shoot at in the most unexpected, seemingly mundane places. I have come to appreciate all the small things I find around me in the process.

In the past, I have written about my obsession with symmetry or night photography, to say some of my favorite pursuits. But I feel now I’m getting deeper into the abstract part of photography.

From here on, I am not sure where this ride will take me, but I know for sure that I will grow more intrinsically as a photographer in the end.


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